This penetrating, clear, thin primer is used to prepare porous, non-painted masonry and concrete for sealing with Topps Seal® and other coatings. ClearSeal™ absorbs and bonds light surface oxidation and forms an initial seal beneath the surface. Prepares oxidized or chalked surfaces so they may be coated over with excellent adhesion by a sealant like Topps Seal. ClearSeal™ applies at approximately one gallon per 100 – 150 sq. feet. The coverage will depend on usage.

  • Primes uncoated masonry/concrete
  • Absorbs and binds slight chalkiness
  • Temporary water repellency

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Q. When would I use ClearSeal®?

A. ClearSeal® is used to prime uncoated concrete before applying any of the Topps coatings.

Q. Why do I have to prime concrete before coating?

A. This primer prepares porous, non-painted concrete surfaces so that they may be coated over with excellent adhesion.


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