The success of any coating applied to metal depends upon the effective surface preparation of any underlying corrosion. The chemistry of Rust Arrestor™ for use with solvent-based systems make this possible using less labor than other rust removal methods.

Rust Arrestor™ is applied to metal roof surfaces prior to power washing. It penetrates and loosens light rust in just 10 minutes for removal with high pressure water. It also converts other rust to a more stable oxide making it ready for coating.

Rust Arrestor™ easily prepares rust and makes it ready for coating.

  • Dissolves light corrosion
  • Cleans the roof surface
  • Easy to use, may be brushed or sprayed on
  • Leaves no film
  • Pre-mixed and ready to use

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Q: I’ve traditionally removed rust with a wire brush or a grinder, will I still need to use these methods in my metal roof prep?

A: In most cases, Rust Arrestor™ removes the need for more work-intensive rust removal methods.

Q: Do I have to mix the Rust Arrestor™ product myself?

A: No. RustArrestor™ comes ready-for-use, just add to your sprayer and you are ready to go.

Q: How soon will my metal roof surface be ready for painting or coating after I use Rust Arrestor™?

A: Powerwash the roof clean after using RustArrestor.  Once the roof is free of moisture, coating can be applied. The roof must be coated within 7-10 days after use of Rust Arrestor.


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