Topps Seal® Base Coat all rubber elastomeric provides an economical foundation layer to Topps Seal® coating systems. The enhanced added adhesive package works with the permanently flexible rubbers to provide superior bonding. The Topps Seal finish coat becomes inseparable as these two layers meet and fuse together. The completed combination of elongation capabilities and tensile strength provide superior resistance to meet all climate and thermal change demands. Topps Seal® Base Coat is an “off-white” contrasting first coat substitution for greater economy on two-coat systems. Built on the same identical grade ingredients of Topps Seal® formulated into a more economical first coat layer.

Topps Seal® Base Coat can be used on Metal, Modified Bitumen, BUR, PUF, and Concrete roofs.

  • Waterproofing – near zero permeation
  • Blocks rust, moisture
  • Seals metal, BUR, modified bitumen, PUF, concrete
  • Builds mil thickness most economically on white Topps Seal® jobs
  • Strong bonding and high build

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Q: Does using Topps Seal® Base Coat mean I’m going to end up with separate layers to my roof coating?

A: No. The Topps Seal® finish coat becomes inseparable from the base coat as these two layers meet and fuse together. The interlinking network of components unify into a seam-free, single-ply layer of rubber that applies a virtual lock onto existing roofing surfaces.

Q: Can I use this Topps Seal® Base Coat directly on my bitumen roofing project?

A: Yes, but due to bleed-through issues of roof coatings over bitumen, you will need to apply Bondit™ bleed through blocker first over bitumen before applying the base coat.

Q: Moisture is an issue in my area. How quickly will Topps Seal® Base Coat be moisture resistant?

A: Moisture resistance begins roughly 1-4 hours after application.


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