When sealing a commercial or industrial roof, look no further than Topps Seal® for the best protection available. Topps Seal® is the flagship of the Topps® protective roof maintenance coating line, utilizing the Topps’ exclusively formulated 100% synthetic thermoplastic technology.

The extraordinary features of Topps Seal® make it the most widely recognized protective maintenance roof coating now in use on all continents and in all climates. The combination of high elongation and superior strength allow Topps Seal® to withstand challenging thermal changes and inclement weather. The seal also provides excellent weathering with extreme resistance to moisture and transmission.

Topps Seal® can be used on metal, modified bitumen, BUR, PUF, Concrete and EPDM roofs. It provides a seal that is:

  • Waterproof – near zero permeation
  • Best elongation, strength, bonding, moisture prevention and adhesive package
  • Highly reflective
  • Energy-saving
  • Resists wash off from roof during application
  • Permanent flexibility
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified
  • Title 24
  •  CRRC
  • Miami-Dade certified for use in tropical conditions – superior energy savings (in white)
  • Available in 12 standard colors with no price upgrade

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Q: Why use a roof coating?

A: Roof coatings like Topps Seal® are part of a maintenance system to restore and extend the life of your roof.  In conjunction with repairs, using the Topps line of roof repair materials, a sound roof can be restored and protected with the Topps coating system. In addition, Topps Seal can prevent any further damage, improve waterproofing and provide better energy efficiency. Topps Seal® can truly provide you with a better roof surface.

Q: Why should I coat my roof rather than just replace it?

A:  Most commercial roof problems come from less than 10% of the roofs surface.  So why replace the whole roof?  Fix and repair damaged areas using Topps repair materials, coat the entire surface with one of the Topps Seal coatings, and extend the life of your roof for about 1/3 the cost of a new one.

Q: Does coating my roof have an impact on my building’s ENERGY STAR® rating?

A: Yes. But only if you use a product like Topps Seal® that meets ENERGY STAR’S® stringent requirements.  Topps Seal white  meets or exceeds all Federal ENERGY STAR® specifications (new and after aging) for proven ability to drive down cooling costs at times of extreme heat.


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